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Class C Ip Checker

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About Class C Ip Checker

From an SEO perspective, a hosting with a Class C IP can be very effective and this tool can detect if multiple domains are hosted on the same IP class C or not. According to experts, if you have links between your different webs, you should not host them in a hosting with the same IP of class C.

Thus, this application allows the webmaster know if multiple domains are in the same class C IP with the same rank.Remember that linking websites that share a same class C IP can affect your SEO. For example, it can be a very easy track to follow to Google and can provoke a penalty. This factor is especially taken into account when creating PBNs.

What is a Class C IP?

When you hire a hosting provider, you register the domain receives a unique IP. For you to understand, we could say that an IP is like a postal address that helps to locate a web page using a browser. IPs can be 5 different types: A, B, C, D and E,class C being the most popular of all.