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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Our check code and text ratio represents the percentage of text on the HTML code of a web page. This ratio relates directly to the amount of content that is on the code in the backend, which is the part that read search engine robots.Maybe it's a factor you've overlooked, but this ratio between code and text is very important for SEO, especially since the departure of the Panda algorithm. Since then, Google gives much importance to the text, so ideally your page should have more text than HTML code.

Why use this ratio checker?

This ratio allows you to check if you have more content in the form of text or HTML code. The more text you have, users will have more content that they can read and understand, so they will also lower your rebound rate. This creates a greater user experience for your readers.

On the other hand, content in the form of text is also essential for search engine robots. They are prepared to interpret the content, index your website and position it accordingly.