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About Dmoz Listing Checker

The DMOZ directory is a directory where you can find web pages. It is the most complete directory of the Internet and its maintenance and editing is carried out thanks to the work of volunteers.

It is considered that DMOZ is the only directory that is free, since it has no cost to register or to use it . Before, it was known like ODP, Open Directory Project, but, for some years, its name is DMOZ.

Why use DMOZ?

The aim of DMOZ directory is to provide a useful quality for users. So we can use it in two different ways. On the one hand, as a user, we can try search websites of the subject that interests us and meet the quality standards of a directory like this. On the other hand, as a webmaster, we might be interested to introduce our site in this directory for other users to find us. In addition, we would be getting a link to our website.

How can I tell if a website is in DMOZ?

With our tool for SEOs, you can insert a list of up to 100 URLs or domains and automatically check if they are within this famous directory. You have up to 100 domains per check, but you can use it as many times as you want. If your web is not, you can register as explained below.

How to register for DMOZ?

Before signing up in DMOZ, you must ensure that your website has enough quality. Remember that moderators control many sites that want to be registered, so they could deny your request if they decide that it is not of sufficient quality to be in the directory.

Once we have this clear, we can proceed to give us discharge. You should know which category does your web. If we send out our request for a registration in an inappropriate category, we will deny the request. Remember that we can only be in one and the more detailed the more possibilities we will have the editor accept us.

When we have found the category in question, we enter and click on "Suggest URL" in the top menu. Then, we will only have to follow the instructions on the shipping form. Be sure to fill in all the information clearly and accurately.