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About Domain Age Checker

The age of the domain plays an important role regarding the positioning we b. For Google, it is a more along with many other factors, to determine the authority of the site in question. So, it is information that we must have when analyzing a domain. To do this, we need to use tools like that we present in Vegcorn to find out the age of a domain.

How to know the age of a domain?

With our SEO tool for domains, you have it really easy. Just paste the URL of the domain you want to analyze and click "Submit". In few seconds, you will receive the information you need and you will see when that domain was registered for the first time and, therefore, its age or age.

Data provided by the tool

After analyzing the web in question, you will have a table with the following data:

  • Domain
  • The year domain
  • The date on which was acquired for the first time
  • The date was updated
  • The expiration date

This last date is good to take into account if you are interested in a domain and you want to be aware of when it expires.

If you would like to analyze another domain, just click on the button and you will be able to try again.