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About Google Index Checker

Google's robot, or GoogleBot, Internet searches constantly new content. Keeps track of all kinds of websites to index them and include them in its index.

For your website can be found through Google and start having organic traffic, you must make sure your content is indexed in Google. It is therefore necessary to know if your site is indexed and how many URLs. If you want to check an entire domain, you can use our fantastic tool. Just enter the URL of your website and then see how many pages Google has indexed. It's very easy, right?

It is very important that the number of indexed pages matches posts you've done so far. However, you should keep in mind that indexing is usually not instantaneous, so it may take a while. 

This application can also be used to check the indexing of the links we have created to our website. Keep in mind that a link to our website will have no effect on our positioning if Google has not indexed it. Check it easily with this analyzer.