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About Google Malware Checker

The Malware are some computer programs that are designed to cause some damage to users. Typically, its main function is to steal information, modify the operating system, install applications or even fully control the computer.

What types of Malware are there?

Depending on the actions they perform on the infected user's system, we can classify them into three types:

  • Virus: Inserts part of your code in programs that the user has. Thus, the user can run programs and, at the same time, the virus if it is infected.
  • Worm , it spreads automatically by all sorts of devices connected to the main system, networks, hard drives, social networks, etc.
  • Trojans pretend to be a legitimate program, but have an opposite goal.

How to avoid being infected by Malware?

You must be very careful when surfing the Internet. Try to avoid download and install unknown programs without having previously analyzed. Nor can follow links from suspicious sources that have come through emails or messages. Protect your system with a program and seeks security solutions such as firewalls or spam filters. Finally, be very careful with the web pages you get on.

How to know if a web page is infected?

In order to identify infected pages, you'll need a tool like the one we present in Vegcorn. Our system is connected to Google to see if a site is infected or not. If you have any suspicion, just enter the URL in question in the space above and click on "Submit". Then we send that page to the Malware detection tool of Google, which will open in a new window, and get all the necessary information about the security of that website. Once you have checked your security, you can visit that website without danger of infection. If it is not safe, we recommend not visiting that page.