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About Keyword Density Checker

The density of keywords or keywords is one of the most studied aspects of SEO and controversial. Currently, we have many opinions about it, so each has one point of view or another. What is clear is that it is something we have to consider the SEO on page. To do this, we need a tool to measure the keyword density as you present here. Read on to discover a little more about it.

What do we mean by keyword density?

We could define the keyword density as the percentage that tells us the rate at which a particular keyword to total words in the text appears. For example, imagine that we are writing a text about "SEO". If we write 25 times this word in a text of 1,000, we will have a density of 2.5%. It's pretty well understood, is not it?

Why should we control keywords?

When we write a text for a website, it is clear that we will focus on a specific topic and use certain related words. You should know everything behind the concept of keywords and how to use them. However, something very important is not sobreoptimizar at any time. When it comes to keywords, this has to be more present than ever.

Several years ago, we could very easily will rank doing keyword stuffing. We could define it as the practice of repeating many times the keyword we wanted to position. Now, after the appearance of Panda and other algorithms of Google, we can no longer do this. If we are not careful with the use of keywords, we can fall into over-optimization and Google will penalize us for it.

What is the ideal density of keywords?

As we have said at the outset, there are many different voices on this subject. From here, we also do not want to influence you and you must draw your own conclusions. However, yes we are going to give you three very important tips:

First, Google rewards more than ever naturalness. You should write for the user and not for the search engine. Now, Google takes more into account than ever the experience of users entering your website, so you need to think more about them and less on algorithms.

Second, although the first point is true, you must be careful not to go. For that they serve tools like the one that we present you in Seomatica. Do not exceed more than 2% density and get used to using many semantic variations.

Finally, Be guided by the results of your niche. If you want to position by a keyword, check the first 10 results. What keyword density does the keyword density have? How and where do they place the keywords? Study all this. If it has worked for them, why not you?

How does the density tester work?

It's really simple. Just enter your URL and give it to "Send". Then, our system will show you a list of the 205 most used words, the number of repetitions and the percentage of the rest of the body. Remember that you should not worry about prepositions and others, but for the excess of words that really matter.