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About Keyword Position Checker

Keyword Position Checker: It is the perfect tool to find your website on major search engines reference, Google and Yahoo, for keywords you want. As you may know, the essence of SEO, or SEO, is able to scale positions in Google for specific keywords. So, if you are struggling to get up and running and people can find you right away, check out a simple and fast way to find exactly where you are on both Google and Yahoo.

Is it important to know how I am positioned?

Of course it is. If you want to get organic visits, using one of the search engines, you need to move up in them. This is the only way to get users to your website. To do this, you should optimize your page well as the keywords, or keywords, why you want users to find you. Remember that a good way to optimize your site, according to the rules of SEO on pag e, is through the meta tags. If you want to check if you have meta tags properly, you can do so from one of our tools: Analyzer meta tags . If you want to create them from scratch, you can do so thanks to another Seomática tools: the generator meta tags . Follow the instructions we have left in each section and you will have all the information you need in just two clicks.

Therefore, for our project to be successful and can get visits from Google, Yahoo or Bing, we will try to position ourselves for the chosen keywords. Obviously we can search our website and try to find us, but this task is heavy, depending on the number of keywords, and can even become completely useless. Keep in mind that when we perform a search, the engine in question played with many factors to try to personalize the results of the SERPs as possible. So, the best option is to perform this search using an SEO tool that allows you to check it in a simple, fast and completely anonymous, so as not to influence the search engine at any time. Only then can you get a verifiable result. This is the system in which many trackers you can have in the market are based.

How does this tool work?

If you want to know what position you are on Google and Yahoo for some specific keywords, just follow these steps:

1. Enter the URL of your website you want to find.

2. Add the list of keywords for which you want to find you .

3. Select the number of results in the search you want to analyze.

4. Click "Find position of the keyword".

Then, the system will start working and will try to find you within the results you have marked. If you think you are in the top 50 positions, you do not need to add more. But if you think you'll be farther away, you can choose another option among you have in the tool.

If you want to keep looking when I 'm done, you only have to give "Test with a new URL".