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How many links out of a website? How many external and internal how many? Are all dofollow or nofollow there also? With our fantastic links analyzer, you can have all that information in one second. What are you waiting for? Spend the URL you want to analyze.

How does the link analyzer work?

Its operation is so simple that it needs few explanations, but let's see a little of what it is and what it does exactly.

To begin, we need only place the URL we want to analyze and click "Submit". Note that this URL will be parsed and not the entire domain. Our tool will analyze all links that page has.

When finished, you will see four statistics: Total links, internal, external and nofollow. The sum of internal and external links should give you the number of total links. Likewise, links that are not counted as nofollow will be dofollowed.

In addition to the counter, you can see the links in question in the table. On the one hand, you will find the internal links.Here you have the list of all the links pointing to internal pages of the same domain. On the right, with each link, you can see if it is dofollow or nofollow links.

On the other hand, you have external links, those pointing to other than the analyzed domains. In this case, you can also know what those external links are and whether they are dofollow or not.

What is the use of analyzing the links of a page?

If it is our website, it is very important to have controlled at all times all the links that come out, as well as its typology. You think you should try to keep all linkjuice within your web, without forgetting to link to other reference pages that may be interesting for the user. It is about creating a balance in all these aspects in order to guarantee the best experience and the best result.

Moreover, another very important factor for the SEO is the internal link building, ie links between URLs on your own domain. We'll have to create a proper internal structure between our pages that favor both the flow of users and search engine robots themselves.

As a side note, it is worth noting that this SEO tool can also be very useful when analyzing the websites of competition. With a simple click, you can know who you link to and how any URL. Now that you have the tool and the information, you can start taking advantage of it. Take advantage of!