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About Meta Tags Analyzer

Have we correctly placed the meta tags on our website? What information does Google my website? What meta tags have my competition? Meta tags are a fundamental element when creating a web page. These HTML tags are responsible for giving the necessary information on our web searchers and the different programs. Thus, we must be able to correctly analyze our own meta tags, while we can compare them with webs of our competition.

What exactly are meta tags?

It is very possible that if you have already arrived here, you know perfectly what are the meta tags or meta tags. It is fragments of HTML code that are placed in the head section of the website. They provide valuable information for search engines, which are key to our web positioning.

How does the Meta Tags Analyzer work?

In order to use this fantastic SEO tool, you only need to enter in the space the URL you want to analyze. When you give "Send", our system will analyze all the available meta tags of that web page and you will be able to see all the collected information in less than a second.

What information can I get with this tool?

The tags you will receive are:

- The URL of the page

- The title or title goal

- The description, or meta description

- The keywords, or keywords meta

As this last parameter is used less and less, it is possible that our system does not give you any results in this section. In this case, you simply see a message that says "No Keywords".

From here, we recommend you do not use meta keywords on your sites, it is an outdated information facing the web positioning.

If you want to continue using Meta Tags Analyzer, simply click on "Test with a new URL" and you will continue to review sites.