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About Mozrank Checker

Since late 2013, Google no longer updated its famous public PageRank. Therefore, many SEOs and people dedicated to the world of online marketing are trying to find other metrics reference guide to the authority of the websites.

Some companies, like MOZ, wanted to put them solution offering alternatives. If you devote to SEO, sure you're already familiar with MOZ metrics. Rand Fishkin's team uses its meter links, Open Site Explorer, to calculate the quality, authority and popularity of the web.

So, the metrics Moz offers us are:

  • The mozRank and mozTrust for URLs
  • The mozRank and mozTrust for Domains
  • The Domain Authority or Domain Authority and Page Authority or the Authority of page

What is mozRank?

The mozRank is a metric created by the company Moz trying to rank the importance and popularity of different websites according to the links you receive.

Unlike how PageRank was evaluated, mozRank uses fractional numbers, with decimals. However, it is also a scale of one to ten, but the decimals help give a more definite and concrete authority.

How is the mozRank calculated?

We have already seen that the mozRank defines the importance of a web according to the links pointing to you. Thus, the mR depend on the quantity and quality of links to a website. The better these links are, the better mozRank will have. In this sense, this metric only takes into account one link per domain.

How important is the value of mozRank for web positioning?

As we have seen, it is clear that higher as is the mozRank, more authority will have a web page. However, this does not mean that it will rank better. We must keep in mind that this is one more metric of a private company, which has nothing to do with Google. In addition, Moz algorithms have certain limitations, so we can simply be guided by this metric. This will simply be one more to count.

How can we check the mozRank of a web page?

With Vegcorn, now you have it easier than ever. Just add the URL you want to analyze and click on the button below the space. Then you can observe a table with several metrics:

  • the mozRank
  • Page Authority (PA)
  • Domino Authority (DA)

If you want to keep getting results from other pages, you only have to repeat the process again by clicking "try again".