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About Online Ping Website Tool

If you are a webmaster, you have probably taken more than once to Ping. You may have created a link and you want Google to catch it fast. You may have updated your blog and you want to let the different search engines know to start getting traffic. Although little by little is being forgotten, Ping is a resource that can be useful to us at any time. But do we know exactly what it is?

What is Ping?

If we talk in the context of the websites and blogs pages, we could define the Ping as a mechanism to notify a server that our content has been updated. Normally, that ping is sent to the "ping servers", some servers maintain a list of sites that publish new material. Supposedly, the search engines use these lists to update their own results.

What is Ping for?

We have already given you some clues so far and surely if you did not know, you already have an idea. It's an easy way to get Google warn that we have new content on our blog. On the other hand, as we mentioned at the beginning, it is also often used when we created a new link. In this way, we ensure that the browser has this data and we can get better positions and more organic visitors.

Some platforms, such as Wordpress, has built a small list of ping servers that can use each time we update our website.However, this list is limited and can be short.

In Vegcorn, we have compiled an extensive list of ping servers that you can use simply filling the fields that we've left a little higher. Complete this data and you can ping up to 160 servers. If you want Google finds out about your new content, Make ping!