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About Page Authority Checker

We could define the Page Authority as the numerical value that gives Moz to the authority of a particular page. This is very similar to metric DA, or Domain Authority, but focused on a specific URL. It was also created by the company Moz, next to the DA, and is measured from 1 to 100.

With the Domain Authority and Page Authority, we can have an idea to know the authority of a website. If you get a link from a page with a good PA and DA, you will have much more value than from a page with less.

Why use the Page Authority tester?

A great utility of this tool can be find out which is the most authoritative page within the same domain. For example, if you wanted to get a link to a forum, you could scrapear all pages of it later pass them by this tool. That way you could know which page has a higher AP and is more likely to pass more power to your page.

However, remember that the PA is simply a metric more created by a private company, so you should not look at it as an absolute indicator of the authority of a website.