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One of the fundamental aspects for the success of a website is your upload speed. In this sense, there are several factors to consider, but there is one key: the weight of the web. So, it is very important to know how much our web exactly weighs.

How can we know how much my page weighs?

With Vegcorn, you'll find the weight of your website in a few steps. Just add the URL of the page to be scanned and click "Submit". Then the tool will start working and tell you the weight of your website.

If you are overweight, you should work to reduce their weight. Try to review the size of all the images and reduce them, if necessary.

According to the CMS that you use, you should also check the code of your website, as you may be loading too much unnecessary plugins. Remember that you should try to reduce the weight of the web so that the load is faster. This will favor you in the face of search engines and users.