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About Page Speed Checker

Our free tool to check the speed of a web page will help you analyze the loading time and speed of any site. From an SEO point of view, the page loading speed is crucial. Google has made it clear that a higher web speed benefits the site compared to slower ones.

Load speed and user experience

In addition, the charging rate also influences in terms of user experience. Think that if your web takes to load, people will tend to close much earlier, so your rebound percentage will go up very high. Remember that Google takes into account the user experience when positioning a web page.

What is this speed checker for?

Our tool to determine the speed of a web performs a test load to check each of the elements of your page. So you can see which are the fastest or slowest elements, as well as those that weigh more and less. Thus, any webmaster can detect where it fails your website and optimize it to the fullest.

You should keep in mind that the weight of the web is also a very relevant factor for the speed of it.