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About Plagiarism Checker

What does the plagiarism checker do?

The article you write is analyzed in an exhaustive and meticulous way to give you a result as accurate as possible. The duplicate content checker is able to identify the origin of any content that has been copied or plagiarized from another article on the internet.

False positives may appear, as there are common phrases that can trigger the alarms. In this case, it is safer to copy and paste that phrase in Google . Remember to do it in quotation marks (eg "example sentence") and you can check if that content is already indexed in the search engine.

Why is it necessary to check the content before publishing it?

If you publish an article or content on your website and this is not unique and original, you run the risk that Google and other search engines like Bing or Yahoo, penalize you. A penalty implies that disappear from search results or you lower positions. Therefore, if your goal is to position and optimum results, use plagiarism detector and make sure your content is not previously indexed in SERPs.

Surely you've heard of Google Panda algorithm. In addition to reviewing the quality of the content, it ensures that the articles and the text of the different web pages are not copied. So you must be careful with all your content copyscape.

Who is this tool for?

Our detector duplicate content is not limited to webmasters using BlackHat. Most times WhiteHat specialists use duplicate content detector to ensure that its editors are doing the job well and to ensure that the original content will position without any problem. 

On the other hand, you yourself can use if you hire writing services on Fiverr or other services of freelancers, so we can confirm that there have been quality service, 100% unique and original. You can also use our tool before buying a web page, as it is essential that you manually analyze each of the articles and not trust the seller.

There are other tools on the net that provide our service, but most of them force you to register or pay to unlock all available features. We offer it for free and without obligation. We know how important the SEO for you, we also dedicate ourselves to it. So, why pay for it if we can give it to you for free?