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Server Status Checker

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About Server Status Checker

This server status checker is a fantastic application that lets you add up to 100 URLs and analyze the status of your server in record time.

If you perform well, you can be a good tool to get all kinds of domains or expired pages. For example, you could scrape a good list of blogspot, Tumblr, Twitter or domains and see if they are online. If the domain or account in question does not function properly, they may be available to register.

Other functionalities about this tool

In addition to the server's own status, we can use this tool to test other features of our web pages. For example, we can test the response time of the same. If the time is very long, it means that your web has a very high load time and you should improve this aspect. Remember that speed is another key factor in terms of user experience and web positioning itself.

Main Server Status Codes

When using our tool, you will see that server status responses are given in codes. Let's see what are the main code so you know exactly what the status of each web:

1xx - Information Replies: Te information that the request has been received and is being processed.

2xx - correct requests: The request was received, understood and accepted correctly.

The most common code among this type of requests is the 200 - Ok.

3xx - Redirection These codes indicate that the client should perform another action to complete the request. They indicate redirects, such as 301 - Moved Permanently.

4xx - Client Errors: These applications can not be processed or have incorrect syntax. The most common are:

  • 400 - Bad Request
  • 403 - Forbidden
  • 404 - Not found

5xx - Server Error: although the request was apparently valid, the server could not complete the action. For example, we find: 502 - Bad Gateway.