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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

This simulator robot search engine allows you to analyze what the different search engines crawlers like Googlebot see when they crawl your site. We could say that basically they pretend to act like a bot and you can see your page as they would. That way you can fully understand how you should structure your page as webmasters.

What information can I find?

The simulator collects the information essential for any spider. You just have to put the URL you want to analyze and you will see:

  • Your title (or meta title)
  • Your description (or meta description)
  • Keywords (or meta tags)
  • The headings tags, from H1 to H4
  • Indexable outbound links
  • Content in the form of text
  • The source code in HTML

So, you will be able to see in a very simple and fast way if you have some type of error in front of the main search engines.Remember you can not fail in this aspect if you want to be successful capturing organic traffic.