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About Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

The measurements of a web is an issue that is constantly evolving according to the use and development of new devices.

If you ask a designer of websites, we would say that there really is no better resolution when creating a new page. What we must keep in mind are the parameters of usability that we have to guide when designing. However, the main thing would be to adapt the resolution of our website always keeping in mind our target.

So, if we have a website that is intended to increased use in mobile, we think that our users should feel comfortable browsing from your mobile device. So it would be a big mistake to design the page thinking about a resolution of 1920x1080 px, for example. Most of our users will not be able to see the site correctly.

Therefore, it is very difficult to create a design that pleases everyone, but we should be close to our audience. Anyway, now we have it easier than ever thanks to responsive design. This type of design allows us to develop a web page without a standard measure, so the site will automatically adapt to the resolution of the device in question.

Whatever you've designed your website, you must ensure that it is a template or responsive or adaptive design. To do this, you can use our simulator screen resolution, with which you will see how is your website according to the different measures. Just enter your URL, point to the resolution you want to simulate and give it to the button. A new window will open with the chosen resolution.

Check that your web works correctly with any resolution and you will be able to satisfy all your users.