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About Word Counter

Oddly enough, a simple counter word and character can be one of the most useful tools for any webmaster. We can say little about this tool, but we are sure you will need it at one time or another.

How does the word counter and characters work?

Just type or paste the text you want to count on the space you have above and click "Count now." Then, in less than a second, you will have the results in their corresponding sections. On the one hand, you will have the words counted and, on the other hand, you will have the characters of the whole text.

If you want to have a new text or have added new words, you only need to give "Having now" again for our system to begin working again. So, you do not need to update the page to perform a new count. It is a simple, practical and functional webmasters tool.

This tool is very useful for counting articles that are already written or to keep track of what you are writing again. There are office programs that do not count the words or maybe you do not want to open one for a quick count. Want to know how many words an article has? Want to see what length of text you need to beat TOP1 on Google? For all this, and more, you have our word count and character Vegcorn.