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About www Redirect Checker

Have you checked if your site appears correctly whether in the direction add the www or not? Do you know if a user can reach their destination in both ways? Do you know if the search engines interpret both directions as from the same website?

When you manage a website, we must ensure that both directions, with or without www in front, heading to the same place. Surely you can imagine the complications that would imply not doing it. This can be a big problem for both users and search engines. For example, we must make clear to Google that one of the two forms is the main one, which you have chosen. Therefore, should redirect Alternatively main. We should do this redirection from the first moment and thus we will avoid future headaches.

Does your website redirect correctly?

To check if your page is properly configured redirection, you can use our tool. To do this, just place the URL in question in the space you will see above and click on the button. Next, our system will analyze the domain and tell you whether it is properly configured or not.