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About XML Sitemap Generator

sitemap or sitemap can be defined as the list of URLs containing the web and you want to be indexed. We could say that is an index of the web and its main function is to facilitate the job search robots.

What is a sitemap for?

With a sitemap we can give some information to search engines about the structure and hierarchy of our website, updates we made to different pages, the pages you want them to be indexed and the priority that search engines should give each .

For the major search engines can find and read our Sitemap, you must be in XML format, but it could also be in HTML or includes the RSS feed. Once you have created and map of your website, it is best to add it to webmaster tools that make your available search engines themselves. In the case of Google, you can do it from the Search Console, while in Bing you have the webmaster center. This facilitates the work of the crawlers and ensures that they find your web correctly.

It is always advisable to have a sitemap and how we can set it up to make the most is basic within the web positioning.Undoubtedly, the site map is especially important for very large webs that can end up having thousands of URLs. Thanks to the sitemap and the information we give robots from meta tags, or meta tags, we can make certain pages are not indexed or give more importance to some than others.

So, before you configure your site map, you must study the structure of the site well and know how you want to program it.

How do I configure my XML Sitemap?

To get your file, just follow the instructions that we have left in each section of this webmaster tool.

To start, you need to enter the URL of the domain whose sitemap want to create. Then we can set the date of creation as we want. Here, you have three options: do not include date, the day of the day you are or customizable.

Later, you can indicate how often your site is updated. Here you must evaluate the type of web you have to know if it is a static page or you have new content from time to time.

Finally, select the priority you want to default your URLs and pages that need to track to create the sitemap. This last factor will depend on the number of pages that your web site has.

Now you just have to click on the "Sitemap Generator" and our system will start working.

Wait a bit and have ready your Sitemap.xml. As you can see, in the end, you'll have two more options: Save that file as XML or try with a new URL. From here, we advise you to save the file and upload it to the appropriate directory. It will be then when you can tell the main search engines that you already have a site map and can go through your page.